NorthStar Academy offers over 200 course choices!

NorthStar Academy now offers the Advanced Placement International Diploma endorsed by the College Board.

All Parent-Led (formerly HomeSchool & Independent Study or HIS) courses have been updated.

All Parent-Led courses are now delivered through the automated Learning Management System.

NorthStar Academy celebrates 16 years of graduating students from around the world.

NorthStar Academy now offers 4 different world languages from which to choose.

NorthStar Academy has been ranked the #1 Online School by The Best Schools -

Northstar Academy

Welcome! This is the place for you if you are looking for a school where you can…

  • Attend an accredited online Christian school serving grades 5-12 custom-tailored for individual families and schools around the world.
  • Attend elementary school, middle school, or high school whenever & wherever via the Internet.
  • Earn high school credits from anywhere in the world.
  • Have 12 months to complete the 9-month school year with flexible start dates and due dates.
  • Have a teacher provide all the lessons, assignments, tests, tutoring, etc.
  • Select from the Teacher-Led program, Parent-Led program, or a combination of both.
  • Have an online bookstore provide and deliver all of the course materials to your door.

Year Round Enrollment – Online...Anytime