NorthStar Academy has a student council! The student council (or StuCo) works to implement activities and host events to help students feel connected and comfortable in their school environment.

Students have the chance to gain leadership experience by being elected or appointed to officer and grade representative positions. StuCo officers, such as the president, secretary, and welcome committee leader, have the opportunity to earn academic credit, and all members participate in managing projects and leading the student body.

spiritual emphasis event


A 1-2 week long, biannual event, taught by NorthStar Academy teachers and staff that focuses on topics such as prayer, evangelism, themes present in the Bible, and our modern day application of God’s Word. This is the most important webinar/event of the year at NSA; so make sure to look out for posters and messages relating to it in the weeks prior!

devotional groups


Weekly studies led by students on specific books of the Bible, principles of Christianity, as well as topical studies for third culture kids, international students, and more. Devotional groups are a great way to meet others and learn how to live in a Godly manner no matter your situation.

bible memorization group


A biweekly program that focuses on memorizing the promises of God! To truly be saturated in God’s Word we must be able to cite scripture when we are counseling another. Our activities and games make this a fun opportunity to learn His Word and also be active in the NorthStar community!

prayer warriors


Do you ever feel in need of extra prayer or a place to vent your current struggles to a student you relate to? Make sure to contact one of the warriors listed in the “Prayer Warriors” channel in Teams that corresponds with your grade and gender!

daily dose group


This is a widely loved program by all of the North Star students! Our team of daily dose writers provide encouragement and devotionals every other day. Participating in the discussion questions at the end is an amazing way to get to know your fellow students and our spiritual life committee!


NorthStar Academy students have the opportunity to participate in various contests where they can win prizes like gift cards! Popular contests include music, art, writing, photography, debate, and our signature NSA’s Got Talent. These activities are a great way to share your talents competitively and connect with others with similar interests!


While it may seem out of the ordinary, NorthStar Academy students attend regular dances and celebrations found in brick-and-mortar schools. Led by the special projects coordinator, students can attend activities such as Spirit Week, the Sadie Hawkins Dance, a Valentine’s Banquet, and so much more.

“How do you dance at an online school?” you might be wondering. It’s quite simple. Just put your actions in asterisks, like this:

*break dances*

*throws confetti on the dance floor*

Just don’t get too crazy and always obey the balance of powers (BoP)! You never know what might happen…


The student council and NorthStar Academy host a variety of activities, events, and initiatives throughout the year, from fundraisers to webinars and more! We love student involvement and leadership, so just ask how you can get involved by starting a club, joining a group, or anything else that piques your interest.

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