DC AP® Music Theory

  • Name:

    DC AP® Music Theory (MTHR500dc)

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  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Music Theory (MTHR100)

DC AP® Music Theory


New for 21-22!

This course will develop the student’s ability to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music. The goal is identifying and analyzing what is heard and presented in a musical score. This goal is achievable by developing the following: aural skills through listening exercises, sight singing through performance exercises, written analysis through essay, compositional skill through creative exercises, and analytical skill through analysis. Students taking this course will be prepared to successfully complete the AP Music Theory Exam.

Special Notes:

The dual credit honors track includes a deeper focus on critical thinking and analytical skills by providing students with more challenging problems and assignments comparable to what they would see at the university level. These elements will also prepare students to be successful in future upper-level and AP® courses.

The Dual Credit fee for CCU is included in the fee for this course.

Each semester of this course is eligible for dual credit and thus requires an additional separate $200 dual credit fee for semester B. You must register with CCU for the equivalent dual credit course 2 weeks before you complete each semester. The $200 CCU fee for the semester A dual credit course is included in your course registration fee. The $200 CCU fee for the semester B dual credit course must be submitted to NorthStar before your semester B grade is reported to CCU.


How do composers choose notes, rhythms, and harmonies? Musical elements combine into the great music we hear and play. Musicians join these notes, rhythms, and harmonies, creating a unique and interesting musical work of art. This course covers all of the musical topics and abilities needed to perform well on the AP® Music Theory Exam and receive Dual Credit through CCU! We’ve had a great success rate. Become another success story!

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