• Name:

    Discrete Math (MATH310)

  • Department:


  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Algebra 1 (MATH100) or equivalent

Discrete Math


Not available after 20-21

This class is an excellent alternative for students needing an additional credit after either Business Math or Algebra II, but who are not prepared or interested in moving on to pre-calculus or trigonometry and who are not planning any further study of mathematics at the Calculus level. This course will cover topics in mathematics including sets, logic, number theory, recursion, linear programming, matrices, vectors, introduction to probability and statistics, graph theory, and critical thinking skills.

The recommended sequence for students taking non-Honors courses: MATH100, MATH200, MATH300 followed by their choice of MATH310, MATH410, MATH420, MATH440, or MATH510.

Special Notes:

Students need access to a scanner or digital camera (phone is fine) in order to submit work for the teacher to review. Students will also need a TI-84 graphing calculator for this course.


Are you in need of an extra math credit but do not really feel prepared for advanced math courses beyond Algebra 2? Then check out Discrete Math. In this course we will survey various interesting mathematical topics at an introductory level. Some of these topics include problem solving, set theory, logic, statistics, and more. The only prerequisite for this course is successful completion of Algebra 1.

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.

Student Feedback

The practice tests were very helpful, and the modules were all very well organized.

Class activities strongly enforced my understanding of the concepts.

It was easy to follow.

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