English 4: British Literature

  • Name:

    English 4: British Literature (ENGL400)

  • Department:

    Language Arts

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    English 3: American Literature (ENGL300) or Equivalent

English 4: British Literature


Not available for 22-23

British Literature will explore the most enduring works of the western literary canon while offering writing projects that prepare students for English at the university level. Students write focused research papers on the philosophical development of each literary period, as well as persuasive and creative pieces on topics of their own choosing. There is an emphasis on the needs of seniors, with one-on-one coaching provided for writing college application essays, and an emphasis placed on interviews and speeches that can culminate the high school experience. The course aims to meaningfully articulate and synthesize high school memories while preparing students to begin their educational journeys anew.


Greetings, brave knight of literature! Thou hast come to the correct place! Here we shall study the songs of ancient Anglo-Saxon warriors, the tales of Camelot, the plays of Shakespeare, and the poems and paintings of the impossibly prim Victorians.

You’ll travel through time to minister to the people of each era of British literature. You’ll journal your life’s true journey as we read The Pilgrim’s Progress. You’ll read letters from beyond the mortal realm when we study The Screwtape Letters of C.S. Lewis.

What do you get when a theatre teacher who lived in England designs a Brit Lit class? It’s the most fun—nay, the most fascinating—nay, the best English class ever! A class for the ages, dear knight! Am I biased? Perhaps—but there’s only one way thou shalt find out!

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