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Intro to Theatre EVP

  • Name:

    Intro to Theatre EVP (THTR101e)

  • Department:

    Enriched Virtual

  • Credits:

    0.5 (semester course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:


Intro to Theatre EVP


New for 23-24!

God gifts everyone with different abilities and it is the goal of this course to help students develop artistic talents through theatrical knowledge and exercises. This course will seek to provide the learner with a general knowledge of theatre history and introduce the learner to basic acting skills. Students will work actively with the instructor on developing skills leading to performance.

Special Instructions:

*As part of the EVP program, this course will have a live class requirement once a week at a set time; please see the website for time choices. This live class will include teaching, discussion with classmates from around the world, demonstrations, questions and answers, and other aspects of a live classroom. Students will have weekly due dates and stay on a traditional coursework schedule.


Semester 1: August 28 – January 21

Fall Break: November 20 – 24

Christmas Break: December 18 – January 1

Times: Thursdays 9:00 AM US Central Time


What’s that thou sayest? An online theatre course that ALSO meets in person? ‘Tis not possible! And yet…it is! Introduction to Theatre is an intense semester-long examination of western theatre from the Greeks to contemporary Broadway. For the literature nerds we will read/watch two plays (Oedipus Rex and Hamlet), and for those born to act we’ll have plenty of performance time (creating animal characters; copying idiosyncrasies from family members; performing all of theatre history in zany 30-second bursts). In this EVP version of the course we’ll also meet in person each week to share highlights of our work, saving you from having to produce the weekly videos that are normally required. We’ll grow close as a performance cohort as we steep ourselves in the sparkling truth-or-dare energy that live theatre encourages. Our culminating assignment is the writing, editing, rehearsing, and live performance of an original Biblical monologue—something you might share as part of a worship service, or at a school or club meeting—it’s up to you. By the end of the class I hope you’ll have a new love for the rich history of this art form, new friends, and a new awareness of the ways that your body can be used to express and to bless. See you on the stage, on screen, and in person, O dramatic ones!

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.