• Name:

    Logic 1 (LOGC201)

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  • Credits:

    0.5 (semester course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    This course requires higher level thinking skills and is designed for students who are prepared for higher level thinking.

Logic 1


Not available for 22-23

Logic is the science and art of reasoning. Students will learn to assess statements and arguments, to clearly define a set of strategies and criteria for analyzing ideas, weigh evidence competently to form opinions, and reject information that is incorrect or irrelevant. This course is strongly based in Biblical Worldview principles. This course should be taken by any student that desires to acquire the skills to be more discerning of the information encountered in the daily processes of life. The course is designed for students in grades 9 – 12. It is intended to assist students in the areas of critical thinking skills, critical reading skills and skills in evaluation and decision making.

Special Notes:

This course is not considered a college-prep math course. It is not approved by the NCAA and most colleges as a credit of math.


The world is full of arguments and information, and you will be constantly bombarded by claims of importance. How will you decide what is valid and true? This class is designed to help you break down arguments and statements to help you recognize validity and truth. In the sea of information we all wade through, this class will strengthen your filtering skills and grow wisdom in your heart. Come join others as we pursue deciphering truth through the use of logic.

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Student Feedback

I enjoyed the biblical group discussions. I found these to be some of the most challenging assignments, but they really made me think not only about logic but about what I believe as well. I also enjoyed the teacher and the overall subject matter of logic.

This was a lot of fun.

I was able to learn a lot of things through the course material. There were times for testing how I could apply the logical skills I was developing and I believe to have done well on them because of this class.

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