Preparing for College Admission

  • Name:

    Preparing for College Admission (CLCR219)

  • Department:

    College Preparation & Career

  • Credits:

    0.5 (semester course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Recommended for 11th graders or students who have earned a minimum of 12 credits.

Preparing for College Admission


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This course is designed for college-bound students who wish to plan and prepare for the requirements of college admission. Students will learn the difference between the ACT and SAT, research various colleges, identify their top college choices, explore the financial aid process, navigate the college application process, and more. Upon course completion, students will have a sample college application complete, an essay to submit with their application, and three lists of potential scholarships specific for the student.

Special Notes:

This course is highly recommended for students who plan to apply to a university.


Are you stressed about applying to college or paying for college? Do you want more help completing the tasks on the Jr./Sr. Checklist? In this course, NSA’s College Guidance Counselor will work with students to investigate careers, research college majors, complete a sample college application, research potential colleges, compare financial aid packages, and learn how to find money to pay for college. Students will write, edit, and finalize an essay to submit with college applications.

To maximize the content and progression of this course, we suggest students begin this course after earning at least 12 credits. The ideal time to take this course is 2nd semester of 11th grade. If you want to learn more about the college admission process or how to pay for college, this course is perfect for you!

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.

Student Feedback

Hello, I thought that the course was super helpful.  I feel a lot more prepared to deal with the application process.  The idea of all of this college stuff really scared me but I feel a lot more confident about applying now.  This was a well-organized class and it was very beneficial.

This class was a very interesting class and helped with my readiness for college admissions. I will say that this “college prep” class is by far better than any class I have taken in public school and I really enjoyed it.

I feel like this course has covered just about everything. There isn’t one thing that I think needs to be added. I think that this course has touched every part of applying for college.

I thought this course was very, very informative. It answered a lot of small things that I have been stressing over in preparation for college. I think the material for this course was very useful 🙂

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