Social Studies 5

  • Name:

    Social Studies 5 (SS5)

  • Department:

    Grade 5

  • Semesters:

    1 (semester course)

    Students have 52 weeks to complete.

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Social Studies 4 (SS4)

Social Studies 5


Not available after 21-22

In this course, students will expand their understanding of the world by focusing on global history, geography, and culture through the lens of a Biblical worldview. Emphasis will be placed on key people and events in modern history, from World War I to the present day. This course will emphasize reading comprehension, writing, research, and analytical skills through the lens of the Biblical worldview.


In 5th grade social studies, students will examine history from the year 1900 through today. Beginning with the events that lead up to World War 1, students will investigate conflicts, cultures, and geography while identifying God’s presence throughout history and in the modern world. Time periods include WW1, Post WW1, WW2, Post WW2, the Civil Rights Movement, Middle East Conflicts, and the importance of Israel. Lessons within these periods include topics such a science versus technology, animals in WWI, Communism versus Capitalism, Disney’s role in WW2, diaries from the Holocaust era, Asian folktales, and natural disasters. Student work takes place in the form of comprehension questions, choice projects, timelines, class discussions, and more!

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Student Feedback

It [enrichment activities] really helped because I am sort of a visionary learner.

I really enjoyed this course.

The discussion boards were fun and the videos were very interesting!

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