Virtual Program (VRP) Courses

What is different about these courses?

VRP is NSA’s most widely-used program, offering a personalized experience in a caring environment.

With Virtual Program courses, you will find:

  • Teachers are content experts as well as course authors, which ensures that they can answer students’ questions quickly and effectively.
  • Teachers use a variety of engaging multimedia resources to give students a rich learning experience.
  • Teachers have daily office hours Monday through Friday as well as a calendar where students can schedule one-on-one meetings to help clarify material and provide support and encouragement.
  • All work is graded by the teacher within 3 business days of submission, and all emails are returned within one business day.

NorthStar VRP courses can individualize your student’s learning. NSA’s flexible program offers the following:

  • Courses that are asynchronous, meaning students can choose the best time and place to complete their lessons.
  • Students, with their parents’ or supervisors’ permission, have the ability to craft their own schedule from working in a traditional 6-period day to working on one course a day or other combination.
  • Students have the opportunity to work at their own pace, having 52 weeks to finish a 36-week year-long course or 26 weeks to complete an 18-week semester course
  • Courses with several individualized assignments, giving students the opportunity to choose how they want to demonstrate proficiency.
NorthStar Academy (NSA) is a fully accredited online, private, college preparatory Christian school offering students in 4th-12th grades a rigorous and high quality academic program taught by highly qualified, mission-minded, Christian educators in a supportive and encouraging environment.

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