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DC AP® Statistics

  • Name:

    DC AP® Statistics (MATH510dc)

  • Department:


  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Algebra 2 (MATH300) or equivalent

DC AP® Statistics


In this course, students will be introduced to the important concepts and tools used by statisticians for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. The four main themes covered in this course and on the AP exam are as follows: exploring data, sampling and experimentation, anticipating patterns, and statistical inference.

In this course, students will learn to read and interpret computer-generated statistical output as well as how to perform all of the statistical calculations on their TI-84 CE graphing calculator.

Special Notes:

Students need access to a scanner or digital camera (phone is fine) in order to submit work for the teacher to review. Students will also need a TI-84 graphing calculator for this course.

Recommended sequence for students taking non-Honors courses: Algebra 1 – Geometry – Algebra 2 – Other 300+ math

Recommended sequence for students wishing to pursue advanced math classes: Algebra 1 (8th grade) – Geometry Honors – Algebra 2 Honors – PreCalculus Honors (if taking Calculus later) – AP Calculus or AP Statistics

The dual credit honors track includes a deeper focus on critical thinking and analytical skills by providing students with more challenging problems and assignments comparable to what they would see at the university level. These elements will also prepare students to be successful in future upper-level and AP® courses.

The Dual Credit fee for CCU is included in the fee for this course.


How does a clothing manufacturer predict which size items will be in the most demand? How does the Army know how many helmets they will need to order of each size? How does a doctor determine which genes will be most predictive in distinguishing between patients that will respond positively to a particular cancer treatment and which patients will not? How do reputable polling organizations make predictions about the popularity of a candidate or proposition based on only a small number of subjects surveyed? No matter what field you choose to pursue after high school, Statistics is going to be important to you. Statistics is the study of the world around us using data. Because of the way God structured His creation, we are able to take samples, analyze those samples, and make accurate predictions about the population as a whole. Join us as we dig deeper into the science of statistics, and earn AP® and/or college credit while doing so. This course will cover all of the topics, as outlined by the College Board, that are covered in a non-calculus based college level statistics course. For students not desiring to take the AP® exam, college credit can be earned through NorthStar’s partnership with Colorado Christian University for an additional fee.

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.

Student Feedback

I enjoyed my teacher’s love of the subject and the application activities and projects in the course. They helped me to understand the subjects so much better, instead of just cramming for a test where I’d forget all the information soon after. They helped me to see the information we were learning from a different angle.

Mrs. Moreno was very accommodating and very easy to work with. She was always helpful and kind and made herself available for anything I needed.

The tests were very good because the multiple choice tests were very similar to the multiple choice section of the AP® exam, and the free response practice assignments and exams were questions from previous AP® exams. This made me feel very prepared for the types of questions I would receive.

I learned so much about stats and I am shaping my college decisions to schools that have excellent stats departments. I am so grateful I found something that I love doing. Stats is so interesting and fun and I can’t wait to pursue it in university.