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Northstar Academy

A fully accredited private online
Christian school for grades 4-12

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Is Online School the right fit?

Online courses are not for every student. Some successful, classroom students will not do well in the online environment and vice versa. Please review the following criteria to self-assess your student’s aptitude for success in our online environment. Please also honestly assess your readiness and capacity to successfully supervise your student(s).

A successful NorthStar Academy student will be one who:

  • Works well independently, not needing constant adult supervision.

  • Does not need a high degree of social interaction during the learning process.

  • Can monitor his or her own progress in an assignment and/or course.

  • Has designated a specific and supportive learning area in which to study.

  • Has a parent or parents who are committed to their supervisory role or has an adult supervisor who has the time and ability to successfully oversee his or her progress in the course(s) or program.

  • Has at least a basic comfort and competence level with computer skills to include email and word processing.

  • Reads at his or her grade level or above and is able to learn via the written word and other graphics, not needing continual oral instruction to learn.

A successful NorthStar student has a supervisor who:

  • Is a strong English speaker.

  • Serves as the student’s proctor for quizzes and exams.

  • Helps the student develop a daily schedule for learning and completing work and holds the student accountable to this schedule.

  • Checks the supervisor email account and course feedback often for news from the school and/or teachers.

  • Has at a minimum a basic comfort and competence level with computer skills, including the use of email and MS Office or Google Docs.

  • Engages directly with the student daily to review returned assignment feedback and outline tasks to be completed each day.

  • Partners with the elementary student for at least two hours daily or with the middle/high school grade student for at least thirty minutes daily.