Advanced Placement (AP®)

Advanced Placement® Courses at NorthStar Academy

For the strong high School student looking for a challenge, to gain an academic advantage, or to get a jump on their college courses (by earning credit through the AP® exam), NorthStar Academy currently offers 21 AP® courses, which prepare students to take the AP® exams administered by the College Board every school year in May. Note: NorthStar Academy is an online school and is not able to host AP® exams ourselves. Each student will be responsible for locating a local, face to face school in their region with which to sit the AP® exam in May. The deadline for registering for the AP® exam for courses beginning before November 1 each year is November 15. The final deadline for registering for the AP® exam no matter the start date is February 1 of each year. Students are not able to register for AP® exams after the February 1 deadline.

Special Note: AP® courses have some deadlines and rules that you may not encounter in our other courses here at NorthStar Academy. This is true of all versions of the AP® course — VRP, EVP, and DC. AP® classes are not as flexible as other non-AP® classes.

If you would like to earn college credit without having to take the AP® exam, check our dual credit course offerings.

View our Advanced Placement® courses below:

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