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Thanks so much for providing the last two years of my daughter’s schooling. I am so thankful we chose NorthStar, and just want you to know how amazing I think you are.

We chose NorthStar for several reasons:

  • Your courses are academically rigorous.
  • The cost was well within our budget.
  • You offered the honors and AP® courses we hoped to use for our daughter.

We stayed with NorthStar for several other reasons:

  • My daughter’s teachers were not only knowledgeable and passionate about the topics they teach, but they were passionate about their students.
  • The course assignments were much more than “read the book and answer the questions at the end of the chapter.”
  • School spirit! I never knew an online school could have such a strong social life.

All in all, the last two years were a fantastic experience, and I thank you wholeheartedly for all you’ve done for us!


My son has always attended a traditional school until his Junior year in high school when a change was needed for his best interest. To me, teaching in a homeschool environment was outside of my comfort zone, and I was definitely not prepared to teach a high school Junior. Northstar Academy offered us the ideal option.

The reason we chose Northstar was it gave an educational balance that we were looking for as a challenging accredited online school with teacher-led courses and a schedule that worked well for my son. The administration and teachers have such a nurturing and encouraging spirit which helped make the transition easy.

You can sense they all genuinely care and want their students to succeed. My son flourished in this first semester and truly enjoyed his classes. He will complete his Senior year and graduate with a diploma in May 2018. Thank you Northstar Academy – an answer to my prayers and a true blessing.


We really appreciate our NorthStar experience! When I withdrew Duncan from his previous high school–under extremely emotional and trying circumstances–we tried to explore all the options for finishing his diploma. He looked at the GED, other local schools, and other online options and chose NorthStar. We placed a high value on the opportunity to get quality online education with a Christian perspective, and over the last two-and-a-half years we have grown to appreciate it even more. It has been wonderful to hear him interacting with his teachers and peers openly about his faith and Christian worldview, as it applies to everything: from biology to personal finance, English literature to mythology.

A personal note of thanks to the NorthStar team for the dependable internet delivery of coursework and the excellent service we have received from teachers and administrators, throughout this long process of getting him to graduation. Thank you for maintaining a safe and supportive school environment, which allowed our son to grow and mature in his faith and understanding, while keeping him aware of a much broader worldview than our local school systems ever could.

Duncan is looking at Bible colleges and eventual seminary but will probably begin his college career in an online format as well.




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