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Northstar Academy

A fully accredited private online
Christian school for grades 4-12

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Middle School Courses

Middle (VRP) Grades 7 – 8

High academics and acquired technology skills wrapped in a Christian worldview will prepare NorthStar middle grade students for upcoming high school courses. Students will see different perspectives on various topics as they participate in discussions with students from around the world. While academics are paramount, NSA middle grade students also have opportunities for social development. Students are able to make international friends and participate in Bible studies and groups with students who have similar interests.

The following course schedule is for reference only and is provided as a general guideline. Students may enroll for just one semester (even of a year-long course) or for the entire year, in one or more courses.

Middle School students (students identified as 7th or 8th graders) may register for the classes listed below unless a specific grade level requirement is noted. Please note that middle school students who register for high school courses beyond the ones listed below will be removed from those courses by our registrar.

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**High School Credit


**High School Credit

Course Designations

  • 100 – 9th Grade
  • 200 – 10th Grade
  • 300 – 11th Grade
  • 400 – 12th Grade
  • 500 – Advanced Placement

Sample NSA Course Plan