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Dual Credit

Students are able to earn dual credit at NorthStar in two ways.

Dual Credit for College Courses

Only students who are planning to graduate with NorthStar Academy may transfer dual credit from accredited colleges and universities across the US.

NorthStar students desiring to earn high school credit for a dual credit course from an accredited college or university should seek approval from an Academic Advisor. Each course that a student wishes to have granted high school credit on NorthStar Academy’s transcript will be evaluated on a case by case basis for credit towards graduation.

  • Students must submit the Dual Credit Evaluation Form at least 2 weeks before registering for dual credit courses.

  • No more than 25% of a student’s total high school credits at NorthStar Academy can come through dual credit courses taken outside of NorthStar Academy

  • A $50 dual credit evaluation fee will be charged for each course that you want to have evaluated for transfer to NorthStar Academy. NorthStar Academy reserves the right to refuse any dual credit courses that do not meet our program standards. A $40 refund will be given for any courses that are refused after review.

  • The evaluation fee will not be refunded in the event the student does not choose to take the course or does not transfer the course to NorthStar.

  • Please note that a 3 or 4 credit hour college course transfers in as 0.5 high school credits with an unweighted GPA. College courses that are less than 3 college credits will not be eligible for dual credit.

Dual Credit for NorthStar courses

NorthStar Academy has partnered with Colorado Christian University (CCU) to provide dual credit for many of our courses here at NSA. Students enrolled in any of the courses with the teachers listed below during the 2022-2023 school year will be eligible to apply to earn college credit through CCU’s dual credit program.  Students will need to earn a C or better in the NorthStar course to be eligible to earn college credit. 

College credit is granted by CCU at course completion.  Students are not required to take the AP exam.  CCU is a fully accredited university, and their courses transfer to most universities around the US.  Please be aware, while many colleges and universities accept dual credit, some do not.  It is up to individual students and their families to check with the college or university that they are planning to attend to check policies. 

Note: Not every AP teacher is certified to teach dual credit. Students must take the dual credit-eligible NorthStar course with one of the teachers listed below to be eligible to earn dual credit with CCU. Dual credit courses are not eligible for course extensions at NorthStar Academy.

For more information about CCU’s Dual Credit program, click here.

    • Pre-Calculus Honors EVP – Teresa Fouts

      CCU Course Equivalency: Pre-calculus
      CCU Course Code: MAT-115
      CCU Semester Hours: 3
      NSA Tuition: $895
      CCU Fee: $250 added after enrollment with CCU
    • DC Pre-Calculus Honors – Teresa Fouts

      CCU Course Equivalency: Pre-calculus
      CCU Course Code: MAT-115
      CCU Semester Hours: 3
      NSA Tuition: $1075
      CCU Fee: $250 included in tuition above
    • DC AP® Calculus AB – Teresa Fouts

      CCU Course Equivalency: Calculus I
      CCU Course Code: MAT-141
      CCU Semester Hours: 4
      NSA Tuition: $1075
      CCU Fee: $250 included in tuition above
    • DC AP® Calculus BC – Amber Knapp

      CCU Course Equivalency: Calculus I (Semester A)
      Calculus II (Semester B)
      CCU Course Code: MAT-141(Semester A)
      MAT-241(Semester B)
      CCU Semester Hours: 4
      NSA Tuition: $1075
      CCU Fee: $250 for Semester A included in tuition above
      Additional $250 for Semester B will be added after enrollment with CCU

      DC AP® Statistics – Stephen Schuch

      CCU Course Equivalency: Statistics and their Application
      CCU Course Code: MAT-212
      CCU Semester Hours: 3
      NSA Tuition: $1075
      CCU Fee: $250 included in tuition above
    • DC AP® Biology – Jana Dickman

      CCU Course Equivalency: Biological Life/Lab
      CCU Course Code: BIO-101/111
      CCU Semester Hours: 4
      NSA Tuition: $1075
      CCU Fee:

      $250 included in tuition above
      Additional $50 for lab fees will be added after registration

The dual credit option is at an additional fee of $250.00 (non-refundable fee) for each CCU equivalent college course. This fee is included in the NorthStar Academy (NSA) course tuition for many of these courses, as indicated above. However, the $250 CCU course fee will need to be manually added to a student’s Genius account for certain courses, as indicated above. This fee will be added to the student’s account after NSA receives confirmation from CCU that the student has enrolled with CCU for that course.

Registration and Transcript Information

  • Students must first enroll in the NorthStar course listed above.

  • Students will then register with CCU while they are enrolled in the NorthStar course

    • Students must register with CCU during one of their registration periods listed below.
    • NorthStar recommends students wait to register with CCU during the registration period that corresponds most closely with the end of their dual credit-eligible NorthStar course.
  • To enroll with CCU, visit https://www.ccu.edu/academy/dual-credit/, and click Registration to enroll for dual credit with CCU.  

    • Please click here for detailed instructions regarding registration with CCU.
  • Students can register during any of CCU’s registration periods listed below as long as the student is actively completing the NSA course.

    Registration periods:

    • Fall: August 15 – November 15
    • Spring: January 15 – April 15
    • Summer: May 15 – July 15
  • Upon course completion, students are able to request a transcript directly from CCU.  Transcripts can be sent directly from CCU to the university the student plans to attend and will show the CCU college-equivalent course. 

    • Make sure to select “Hold for Grades” to ensure CCU has processed final grades before issuing the transcript. 
    • Please note that CCU is issuing credit for the pre-approved, equivalent university course and not for the NSA high school course. 

* University dual credit transcripts are provided by Colorado Christian University, not by NorthStar Academy.

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