NorthStar Academy accepts transfer credits upon receipt of an official transcript from an accredited institution

Transfer credits are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Evaluation of transfer credits may require further research and contact with prior institutions to determine transferability of credits.

International records may require translation and/or evaluation prior to being considered. Transcripts submitted from other institutions become a part of the student’s permanent file and are not returned or copied for distribution.

Transfer credits are granted for high school-level (or above) classes only - typically designated with a number of 100 or higher in the course abbreviation code. Transfer credits show as such on the student’s NorthStar Academy transcript. Grades earned through accredited programs appear on a NorthStar Academy transcript and are also calculated in a student’s cumulative GPA.

NorthStar Academy grants credit for college-level courses as follows: 0.5 NSA credit for each successfully completed college-level, semester-long course (3 credit-hour minimum).

Caution: Be sure to research the courses you desire to transfer to NorthStar Academy with the college or university of choice, as they may not satisfy their entrance requirements. NorthStar Academy cannot be held responsible for transfer credits that do not align with NorthStar Academy courses that are known to be acceptable by a vast majority of colleges and universities in the United States. If you have any questions about this, please contact NorthStar Academy’s administration.


NorthStar Academy accepts credits from other institutions that are accredited by the State Department of Education, Department of Defense, a church diocese, and/or a regional accrediting association. An official transcript from the accredited school must be provided for credits and grades to transfer to NorthStar Academy.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to request that a transcript be sent to NorthStar Academy.


Students wishing to receive credit for any non-accredited high school course(s) will be required to complete two steps: 1) Complete the Course Credit Request Form with the required information for each non-accredited, high school-level course the student has completed; 2) For the four (4) core courses taken during the last academic year, students will be required to take a Placement Exam to verify placement readiness.

Ex: Your child wants to transfer to NSA as an 11th grader and has completed homeschool up through 10th grade. For each course taken in 9th and 10th grade, a Course Credit Request Form must be completed. For the 4 core courses taken in 10th grade, your child must take a placement exam (Math, English, Social Studies, Science) and receive a 70% or better.

For electives (piano, ballet, etc.), the Course Credit Request Form must also be completed. You must include total hours of direct contact time; this is not required for all other classes.

It is the supervisor’s responsibility to obtain all required documentation, and submit it to NorthStar Academy’s Guidance Office for review. Schoolwork completed at the elementary school level through grade 8 (or equivalent) is not eligible for review as transfer credit unless the course is considered of high school level by NorthStar Academy.

Non-accredited coursework that is successfully transferred to NorthStar Academy will be listed as such on the NorthStar Academy transcript. The number of course credits as well as the letter grade awarded will be listed next to the course name. Non-accredited coursework will not factor into the student’s overall GPA. Only courses taken from accredited institutions will be factored into a student’s GPA.

Students may receive credit for a foreign language course not completed through an accredited program by successfully completing a nationally recognized exam (AP®, CLEP, Foreign Language Proficiency Exam, etc.) Contact NorthStar Academy’s Guidance Office for an approved list of foreign language testing centers/providers.

Please contact NorthStar Academy’s Guidance Office with other questions pertaining to the transfer of non-accredited coursework.

The Course Credit Request Form is available here.


Students transferring to NorthStar Academy are required to take at least 25% of their coursework with NorthStar Academy in order to be eligible for a NorthStar Academy diploma. Even students who transfer in eighteen (18) or more credits from another accredited institution will be required to take at least 25% of their coursework at NorthStar Academy. (This translates to a minimum of 6 NSA credits for students planning to earn the Standard Diploma and a minimum of 6.5 NSA credits for students planning to earn the Advanced Diploma.) Students who wish to graduate from NorthStar Academy must be actively enrolled in NorthStar Academy during the academic year in which they complete the NorthStar Academy graduation requirements.
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