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Northstar Academy

A fully accredited private online
Christian school for grades 4-12

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NSA Refund Policy


Refunds of tuition costs for NorthStar courses are granted according to the following schedule:

Week% Tuition Refund
1 – 3

*Fees are non-refundable. In addition, a $10 refund processing fee will be applied.

*Students may drop a course within three weeks of their start date. However, if they have submitted work past week four, the tuition refund will be waived.

The refund “clock” starts ticking with the start date of the course. If a request is made to change the START DATE or change courses, the refund starts from the original START DATE.

Refunds will be made via the original payment method selected by the family. We reserve the right to refund money via check or other payment method. No check will be mailed outside of the USA or Canada.

In the case of a withdrawal from courses, any outstanding tuition balance will be charged at the time of withdrawal.

  • If you enroll in a semester-only course, you have a three week grace period from the start date to drop the course for a full tuition refund. For year long courses, the three week grace period only applies to the A semester; after the grace period has passed, there is no refund for the A or B semester, and a drop fee or transfer fee may be added per course dropped or transferred.

Our refund policy is the policy that we least enjoy enforcing, so for this reason, we want to be very intentional to communicate this policy to you. When you register your son, daughter, or student for a class or classes at NSA, you are entering into an agreement that pledges several things:

  • You are pledging and committing to pay for all of the program costs associated with your son, daughter, or student’s enrollment in NSA with a stated time allowance for a tuition refund. If you choose to withdraw your son, daughter, or student after the end of the third week of enrollment in NSA, then you are choosing to forfeit the money that you have paid for the program costs (no refund of tuition or fees), AND you remain committed to pay for the amount owed for both tuition and/or fees even after you have withdrawn your son, daughter, or student from NorthStar Academy if you have selected to pay via installment payments. When you enroll your son, daughter, or student into a NorthStar Academy class, you are reserving that place in the class for the duration of the semester or year, depending on how you chose to register and depending on the duration of the class. This reservation comes with a per course cost, so when you commit to pay for the course, then you are committing to pay for the right to receive instruction in the course for the duration of the course. If your son, daughter, or student withdraws from the course after the refund deadline, then you are still committed and obligated to pay for the cost of the course.
  • NorthStar Academy is pledging to provide you with the instruction and all associated services as described on this website, for the duration of the course, with the exception of a course that may not actually take place due to low student enrollment in which case you will receive a refund of the tuition money for that particular course or have an opportunity to select an alternate course.