• Responsive teachers

  • Meeting students all over the world

  • Flexible schedule

  • 200+ course offerings

  • Christ honoring environment

  • The NSA community



From the time I started NSA in the Fall of 2018, I loved it. It has given me the opportunity to travel and do things I could not have done with my old school. I used to go to public school in Northeast, Pennsylvania, so when I started NSA it was a big change for me, but also a huge blessing. I am now able to travel to Europe to see family and go on trips with my family when other students are in school. My favorite thing about NSA is the flexibility it gives you. Another thing I love is the fact that you can interact with all the other students while doing online school. You get to meet other students from all over the world! How cool is that? Overall, my experience with NSA has been awesome. I would not change it for anything!



Attending NorthStar Academy has been an amazing experience which I am extremely thankful for. Before going to NorthStar, I attended both public and private schools, but NSA has definitely been my favorite! At NorthStar, I’ve been able to combine a rigorous and high-quality education with an emphasis on the Christian worldview. Although NorthStar is an online school, I’ve been able to interact with and make strong friendships with students in six continents through NorthStar’s active social community. In this online setting, students can take part in lots of virtual activities such as contests, the Student Council and Welcome Committee, adventure threads, and even online parties. The flexible, self-paced scheduling of NorthStar’s courses has also allowed me to work on schoolwork whenever it’s convenient, allowing me to take part in activities and have volunteer opportunities which would be much more difficult if I were in a brick-and-mortar school. I would definitely recommend NorthStar to anyone who is considering online school as an option!


I am currently a sophomore, and this is my third year at NSA. NSA has had a great impact on my learning. I feel like I have learned more through NorthStar than I have anywhere else. The teachers are very friendly and eager to help with any questions you may have.

Some things I really like about NSA are the students, the variety of ways to connect with them, the ways that NSA has implemented things found in brick and mortar schools and the flexibility. Through NSA, I get to talk to kids from all over the world and create friendships with them. You can chat, video call, play games, or have cool food fights. There are contests you can enter and win prizes for. NSA also has things like a school newspaper, a Welcome Committee, and a Student Council. These things, among others are things that you wouldn’t think could be found on an online school. Finally, since NorthStar runs year-round, the schedule is extremely flexible. If you want to take a break or work at a different pace, you have the option to do so.

Overall, my time at NSA has been awesome. I’ve made new friends, learned a lot and enjoyed the flexibility.


I really like NSA, because it does not matter where you do your school work as long as there is WiFi. As a matter of fact, NSA is a place where we can interact with other students from all over the world. I also like this system, because all of the students and teachers are so nice and understanding and love to help you as much as they can. We use Teams at NSA to do activities like food fights, challenges, dance parties, and much more! At NSA, we see that the courses start to get harder and harder every day which helps us to learn and grow.


Northstar Academy has been such a blessing for me. A few years ago I moved away from my home country, and after finding NSA, it was so awesome to be able to have a flexible school schedule as I travelled. And more than just that I loved that I was able to talk with other students who lived all over the world and easily make friends. I learned that doing online school did not have to be lonely and boring and that there were all these other people near my age I could talk to. NSA has made being homeschooled much easier and doing online school much more interesting than I thought it would be. All the teachers at Northstar are really helpful and encouraging, and being able to meet other students and make new friends has been so exciting. It has also been really fun to have the opportunity and option to get involved in random things like contests, dances, or being able to find specific groups in the social app (Teams) where other students can get together and talk about a specific thing (maybe books or music or spiritual related topics). I also love the Christian values NSA has, and the whole “atmosphere” is really positive. Though the classes can be challenging at times, I know that I am really learning and growing. NSA has been such a great environment for me the past few years, and I am so happy I joined. Even if it is online, I still have lots of great memories here, I have made some really awesome friends, and from an educational standpoint, I know personally I am well prepared for what comes after highschool.

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