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2022-2023 School Year

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Enriched Virtual Program (EVP)
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Annual Registration Fee

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NorthStar offers a discount of $25 off each course to students whose supervisor works for a non-governmental or other non-profit ministry-related organization, serves in the US military, or enrolls two or more students in courses.


Enrolled in five, year-long VRP and two VRP semester courses.

$705 | Year-long course cost
$420 | Semester course cost

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$705 x 5 = $3,525
$420 x 2 = $840


Registration Fee + $125



  •  All financial costs are stated in US dollars and payments are made in US dollars. 

  • The above-stated tuition prices do not include fees, the cost of the books, or any other resources required for each course (Not all courses require additional resources.) Many resources are now available in a downloadable digital format for any e-reader. Please visit our online bookstore where you may buy the needed course materials. 

  • For more information on our money-back guarantee, please review our Refund Policy. 

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