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DC AP® US History

  • Name:

    DC AP® US History (HIST520dc)

  • Department:


  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    US History Survey (HIST310); An 85% in the subject area course from the previous year. A foundation in US History is suggested.

DC AP® US History


AP® United States History is a college-level course covering the period of history from early exploration of North America to the present day. This course covers a chronological history of the United States using a variety of sources including primary sources, maps, articles, and a basic text used for background information. The course will cover the major currents of political, social, intellectual, economic, and diplomatic history, as well as familiarize the student with the geographical development and expansion of the United States. A major goal is to develop analytical and interpretive skills through the lens of the Biblical worldview. Particular emphasis is placed on training students to excel in the skills of critical reading and writing, as well as critical interpretation of arguments. Students will investigate people, places, worldviews and events that have most influenced U.S. history. This course is taught at the college level and is also designed to prepare students to successfully complete the AP® US History Exam. This course qualifies for Dual Credit.

Special Notes:

The dual credit honors track includes a deeper focus on critical thinking and analytical skills by providing students with more challenging problems and assignments comparable to what they would see at the university level. These elements will also prepare students to be successful in future upper-level and AP® courses.

The Dual Credit fee for CCU is included in the fee for this course.

Each semester of this course is eligible for dual credit and thus requires an additional separate $200 dual credit fee for semester B. You must register with CCU for the equivalent dual credit course 2 weeks before you complete each semester. The $200 CCU fee for the semester A dual credit course is included in your course registration fee. The $200 CCU fee for the semester B dual credit course must be submitted to NorthStar before your semester B grade is reported to CCU.


Less than two and a half centuries old, the United States of America has been a country of heroes and villains, wise decisions and shameful decisions. Without glorifying or condemning its history, let’s explore this story of claims, contradictions and compromise, of drive, independence and innovation with the eye of an historian. From the beginning of its European “founding,” there has been a cycle of immigrants battling the immigrants before them for the same hopes and dreams. The study of this “new” world is a story of people: their gifts, their courage, their weaknesses and their devastating failures. It is a fascinating look at continuities and changes of ideas and goals, and one worth investigating. Let’s put ourselves in their time, culture and society and step away from our 21st century mindset to examine their world and accept their humanity in all its frailty and beauty. Come join me on this journey through time and learn about the amazing history of the United States. I look forward to joining you as well as guiding you on this great adventure.

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