English 4: Film as Literature

  • Name:

    English 4: Film as Literature (ENGL420)

  • Department:

    Language Arts

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    English 3: American Literature (ENGL300) or Equivalent

English 4: Film as Literature


New for 22-23!

Film as Literature is a full-year, broad-based English course that uses films as the literature that students explore. In the same way that any other English class requires students to read literature and use it as a learning tool, this course also asks students to “read” films by studying them closely. Students will watch a wide variety of films in the course, using them as the basis for almost all course activities and assignments. Course work will lead students through activities designed to develop skills in reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking. Writing is a significant component of the course, and students can expect to be writing narrative, expository, and persuasive pieces at a level of sophistication appropriate to the twelfth-grade level. As with most other course work, writing assignments will be related to the films studied in the course.

Special Notes:

A current list of films in the course can be located on the syllabus available by contacting info@nsa.school and requesting the syllabus for ENGL420 English 4 : Film as Literature

Office 365 is provided through NSA, and instructions are given for accessing it online and for downloading the desktop version. For one project in Unit 2, the desktop version of PowerPoint must be used.


Film as Literature is an exciting new course that combines the fun of watching films with the rigor of an upper-level English course. You might be wondering…is this a film course or an English course? The answer is—it’s both! In this course, you’ll learn about features of filmmaking, such as lighting, camera work, and voice-over, while you also expand your English communication skills. You’ll determine what it means to be a wise consumer of media as you watch documentaries, animated films, dramatic films, adaptations, classic films, and many others. However, there is much more to this course than movies; with a strong emphasis on academic writing, the course will help you to become the best researcher and writer you can be. You’ll also have opportunities to express your creativity in narrative writing, choice projects, and your very own stop motion video. This course is a great way to prepare for college while studying a unique integration of film and literature.

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