Fundamentals of English – HS

  • Name:

    Fundamentals of English-HS (ENGF100)

  • Department:

    Language Arts

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Language Arts 8 (LA8) or English Fundamentals – Middle School (LAF1)

Fundamentals of English – HS


This course will expand students’ understanding of English grammar, literary concepts, spelling precepts, and composition techniques. Students will build a foundation for the practical application of grammar, vocabulary, and spelling in writing, while exploring what makes literature noteworthy. Students will work to improve on present communication skills as well as develop new ones.


Are you ready to take your mastery of the English language to the next level? Would you like to take a high school language arts class but are wondering if you need something to transition you into this higher level of English? Then Fundamentals of English could be a great fit for you! In Fundamentals of English, you will work on learning spelling rules, identifying new vocabulary, writing in complete sentences, exploring idioms of the English language, and reading shorter works of fiction and poetry. This class offers many opportunities for you to expand your working knowledge of the English language! A world of literature and writing will open up to you as you grow in your knowledge of English in Fundamentals of English!

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Student Feedback

“I love English, so this course was very interesting.”

“I enjoyed having the grammar assessments. I really enjoyed the reading assignments. I liked how in many of the discussions, we were required to have quotes from the Bible.”

“I liked the spelling bees. I enjoyed the discussions. I also enjoyed the stories.”

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