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Northstar Academy

A fully accredited private online
Christian school for grades 4-12

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Expand Your Curriculum with NorthStar Academy

NorthStar is excited to partner with schools that champion Christian values while maintaining high academic standards.

Our Christ-centered curriculum of over 200 courses is available to affiliate partners at a discounted rate. With this vast trove of carefully planned and deeply researched courses, partner schools can expand their own curriculum. 

Our Affiliate Program Coordinator is available to discuss your school’s needs. Schedule a call with her today.

NorthStar Academy Has Certified, Dedicated Teachers On-Staff

Schools all over the country are suffering from an unprecedented teacher shortage in the United States. Schools everywhere are short-staffed. If your school needs to fill a spot or two in your curriculum, look no further. NorthStar has certified, experienced teachers ready  to give your students the individualized attention you know they deserve. 

Dan Domenech, executive director of the School Superintendents Association, told The Washington Post he has “never seen [a teacher shortage] this bad.” Schools are reducing their weeks from 5 days to 4, veterans with no educational experience are stepping into classrooms, and college students (also with no training) are attempting to step up to the plate as well. Everywhere you look in America right now, there is a severe lack of qualified educational professionals teaching our children. 

NorthStar teachers are fully-certified, highly trained, seasoned professionals. Our teachers are fully committed to student success, which they demonstrate by giving students frequent one-on-one attention, providing consistent, timely feedback, and encouraging students’ natural curiosity and passion for learning.

Why Partner with NorthStar?

Teacher with students on computers
  • Take advantage of our 25 years of experience.
  • Choose from over 200 courses from grade four through high school, including AP and dual credit courses
  • Classes taught by fully-certified, highly trained, seasoned teachers
  • Never pay a partnership fee OR a membership fee
  • Don’t worry about reaching a minimum or quota, unlike most competitors – you can purchase just ONE class if you want
  • No long-term commitment or contract your school has to sign
  • Get a discount on tuition ($35/45 less per course)
  • You’ll receive access to specialized training for affiliate educators
  • We offer customer support to all of our affiliates [days of the week/times]
  • Affiliate supervisors receive weekly reports on their students’ progress
  • Unaccredited schools can offer accredited diplomas through the NSA Affiliate Diploma Program

Our Partners

VRP (Virtual Program)

NorthStar teachers lead a course that is student-paced

  • NSA teachers interact with students, provide all grading, and provide feedback
  • 18 weeks of content in each semester
  • Single semester or year-long courses available

EVP (Enriched Virtual Program)

NorthStar determines the timing and pacing of the coursework and lectures

  • Firm deadlines
  • Set a schedule with firm start and end dates
  • Weekly live interactive instruction with NSA instructor and classmates

NCP (NorthStar Cooperative Program)

Affiliate school teachers lead curriculum directly taken from NorthStar’s catalog

  • 52 weeks of curriculum access
  • Online platform (LMS- Agilix Buzz)
  • Affiliate teachers provide all instruction, grading, and supervision

Getting Starting

The Affiliate Onboarding Process:


Schedule a Meeting

Northstar would love to partner with you. Please schedule a Meeting to learn more about the affiliate program.


Submit an Affiliate Form

After the meeting you will be sent a link to the affiliate form. Complete the affiliate form to set up your affiliate account.


Complete Your Training

The supervisors listed on your affiliate form will be sent login information to get started. Each school supervisor is required to complete School Supervisor Orientation before students start classes.


Enroll Students

Once orientation is complete supervisors can begin enrolling students and purchasing required resources.

Students need to be enrolled by the end of the day the Tuesday before the desired start date.

Affiliate Pricing 22-23



Virtual Program (VRP)
Regular & Honors Courses


AP Courses




Enriched Virtual Program (EVP)
Regular & Honors Courses


AP Courses




NorthStar Cooperative Program (NCP)
Regular & Honors Courses


AP Courses


Annual Registration Fee