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Northstar Academy

A fully accredited private online
Christian school for grades 4-12

Questions? 1.888.464.6280


NorthStar Academy operates seamlessly through 3 systems:


Genius is our Student Information System (SIS). This is where supervisors will create their accounts, register students, enroll in courses, and make payments. You are also able to add new courses, submit drop requests, and edit student information.


NorthStar Academy delivers media-rich lessons to students through its learning management system, Buzz. With Buzz, students can access all of their courses, adjust their own pacing, and check their grades. Supervisors will also have access to Buzz, where they can monitor and track student progress. This is also where supervisors will have access to passwords needed for student tests and quizzes.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Outlook serves as NorthStar’s emailing system. Microsoft Teams serves as the social arena for our students and supervisors. Here, students can contact NSA teachers, staff, and other students as well as engage in many social and spiritual activities. They can get to know one another through chats, contests, and many interest areas, all in a safe, secure environment.

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