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Northstar Academy

A fully accredited private online
Christian school for grades 4-12

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Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Sarah Peterson


Bonjour! Salaam! ¡Hola! Ni Hau! Ciao! Namaste!

Like many students at NorthStar I had the opportunity to grow up overseas. Some of you speak more than one language already and want to join us to learn more. I hope to pass on my love of international languages and culture to each of my students here at NorthStar. Find out what languages we might have in common by watching the video!


Five years teaching French in Arizona

One year teaching ESL in Taiwan.

Curriculum consultant in India.

With NSA since 2016


B.A. in French Education, ESL endorsement from Asbury University.

M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Bilingual Education from American College of Education.


State of Arizona: French and ESL (English as a Second Language)

State of Michigan: French and ESL(English as a Second Language)