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Sociology II: Institutions and Social Change

  • Name:

    Sociology II: Institutions and Social Change (SOCE230)

  • Department:

    Social Studies

  • Semesters:

    0.5 (semester course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:


Sociology II: Institutions and Social Change


In this course, students will study human social behavior as they explore social institutions and movements. Students will be offered a unique opportunity to compare Biblical and other worldview perspectives on major topics related to social institutions and social change. Students will analyze how, in our increasingly connected world, human relationships continue to influence individual lives and how beliefs, values, and behavior affect people in different social and cultural contexts. Using a variety of text and video sources, students will investigate and evaluate responses to social issues. Students will transfer their learning in each unit to meaningful, real-world contexts via a variety of culminating projects.

Special Notes:

Sociology 1 (SOCE220) and Sociology 2 (SOCE230) can be taken at the same time, or at different times in any order. Neither course is a prerequisite for the other, however, if students are planning to take both sociology courses in different semesters, it is encouraged that SOCE220 be taken first in order to help establish an over-arching view of the field.


Do you ever feel like the issues and culture of the world around you are changing at supersonic speed? Do you wish you understood more about why people do what they do in different social and institutional settings? People are complex and fascinating! Come study sociology, and take a journey into the happenings of human societies across the globe. You will look at big-picture patterns of social issues, and you will have the unique opportunity to do so in consideration of a Biblical worldview. Join your peers in engaging and interacting with real-life matters as you study theories on family, education, religion, media, politics, the environment, population, urbanization. social movements, and social change. Best of all, learn what the Maker of every person says in His Word about these issues, and how that is sometimes the same- but often very different- than what the rest of the world says about them!

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