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AP® Physics 1

  • Name:

    AP® Physics 1 (PHYS550)

  • Department:


  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Prerequisites:

    Algebra 2 (MATH 300/350); A grade of an 85% or higher in the science course taken the previous year. Physics is an applied mathematics course. The Algebra 2 pre-requisite for this course is essential. PreCalculus Honors is highly suggested as a pre/co-requisite. No prior course work in physics is required.

AP® Physics 1


AP® Physics 1 is an algebra-based physics course designed to successfully prepare students for the AP® Physics exam. Students will develop their investigative skills through hands-on labs, simulations, and design projects. Through self-evaluation and reflection, students will explain how their work and thinking aligns with the objectives in the lessons. Students will connect with their peers through discussion boards and Teams and be a part of our class community. Students will also demonstrate their problem solving skills through AP® practice problems, reflections, activities and tests.

Special Notes:

If you are planning to take the AP® exam associated with this course, then be aware that the College Board requires that all students register in October of each school year to take the exam which is held in early May. You must make your decision early. There are penalties associated with late registration and with registering and then deciding not to take the exam at a later date. Please plan accordingly. For more information or if you have more questions, please visit  https://apcentral.collegeboard.org . Once on the site, search Home-Schooled Students to find information on locating testing locations near you.

As an online school, NorthStar Academy is not a testing center. We are a certified AP course provider. Students must locate a face to face school in their local area that will allow them to sit the exam with their students.

This version of the course is not Dual Credit eligible. To receive Dual Credit, you must register for the DC version of this course, if available.


Have you ever wondered why cars crumple during a car crash? Or how you can come so close to the ground while bungee jumping but still not hit it? In this class, you will be able to answer both these questions through calculations and hands-on design.

AP® Physics 1 is a great physics class for experienced physicists and beginners! It will teach you how to write a lab report, the engineering process, and how to look for, and understand, physics in the world around you. God has created a beautiful and complex world for us to experience and physics gives us some interesting insights into its design.

This class will also prepare you for the AP® Exam with regular AP® practice problems and check-ins for you to learn from your mistakes. Practice makes perfect and this course will give you all the tools you need to be successful on the exam!

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.

Student Feedback

I really enjoyed the way that the work was laid out each week because it was easy to know what I had to do and what was expected each week.

The videos were helpful in understanding many of the materials.


Learning about the world through Physics is amazing