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Northstar Academy

A fully accredited private online
Christian school for grades 4-12

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26 years of serving families online.

Welcome to NorthStar Academy. We are a community of learners inspiring the world.

Since 1998, we have been online, on purpose. We offer accredited courses led by certified teachers who seek to develop both faith and knowledge. Whether you are looking for one course or full-time enrollment, we offer a student and parent community that you can be proud to be a part of.

Competitive Costs | Flexible Learning | Invaluable Community

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Not bound by walls!

We are a community of dedicated teachers, supportive parents, and thriving, diverse students making a global impact through online Christian education.

We are a community of learners inspiring the world.

What is your story? 

NorthStar meets the needs of many students around the world!

My student has faced bullying in public school

Victoria’s Story

Victoria’s parents wanted a better curriculum for her than their local public school provided. She dealt with bullying and needed a school that matched their values while also providing strong academics and social opportunities. Victoria has thrived since moving to NorthStar and has had the opportunity to serve in student leadership and be a part of several clubs. She loves NSA and is excited to graduate in a few years and attend college to become a Veterinarian.

My student has demanding extracurriculars

Ben & Sophia’s Story

Ben and Sophia are involved in soccer and gymnastics. Due to their schedules, they needed a flexible option that was NCAA approved. Ben is a part of NHS and Sophia just joined the Aspiring Filmmakers club this year. They have been at NorthStar for 2 years and are both doing very well managing their education and extracurriculars!

My student needs a more flexible school schedule

Amelia’s Story

Amelia struggled to keep up in public school and needed flexibility and a more personalized structure for her education. She has been able to set her own schedule and work at her own pace and has done amazingly well this year. Her favorite part of NSA is being able to take courses that interest her and attending our Spiritual Emphasis Events in the spring and fall.

We are a missionary family on the move

Jackson’s Story

Jackson lives in Thailand with his family where they serve as missionaries. They joined NorthStar because there were no local options that would provide Jackson with a college preparatory education where they live. Jackson plans to attend a 4-year university in the US when he graduates this year and is excited to participate in our live graduation ceremony and join NSA’s Alumni Association afterwards.

Students all over the world are taking their education to the next level with NorthStar

2841 Average Number of Active Students
Average Number of Active Students
158 Countries We Have Served
Countries We Have Served
23 AP Courses
AP Courses
18 Dual Credit Courses
Dual Credit Courses
230+ 4th-12th Grade Courses
4th-12th Grade Courses

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    NorthStar offers accredited online learning you can trust

    NorthStar Academy is fully accredited by Cognia and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and operates within the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) organization. NorthStar has received several #1 rankings among different agencies.