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DC AP® US Government and Politics

  • Name:

    DC AP® US Government and Politics (GOVT500dc)

  • Department:

    Social Studies

  • Credits:

    0.5 (semester course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    US Government (GOVT400); a grade of an 85% or higher in the subject area course taken the previous year

DC AP® US Government and Politics


This course includes a brief comparative study of government, and an in-depth study of American government on the federal, state, and local levels including its complex interworking, checks and balances, political responsibilities, structures, functions, and authority. This course will give students an analytical perspective on government and politics in both the United States and around the world. Students will learn about God’s sovereignty in all forms of government, how to practically evaluate political issues, and how to influence one’s own government. This course is also designed to prepare students to successfully complete the AP® US Government & Politics exam offered each May.

Special Notes:

The dual credit honors track includes a deeper focus on critical thinking and analytical skills by providing students with more challenging problems and assignments comparable to what they would see at the university level. These elements will also prepare students to be successful in future upper-level and AP® courses.

The Dual Credit fee for CCU is included in the fee for this course.


The United States of America is one of the oldest democratic countries in the world, but how exactly did it get there and how does it remain a democracy? As a long-standing developed democratic country, it took a significant amount of time to reach what the United States is today. In this AP® level course, we will analyze and critique the development of the governmental structure of the United States of America by looking at historical documents, famous Supreme Court cases and policies. We will also compare and contrast the United States government and political structure to other countries around the world.

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