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DC AP® World History Modern

  • Name:

    DC AP® World History Modern (HIST500dc)

  • Department:

    Social Studies

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    An 85% in the subject area course from the previous year. A foundation in World History is suggested.

DC AP® World History Modern


(Credit for this course can be applied to the 1.0 credit graduation requirement for world studies.)

This is a college-level course covering the period of history from the year 1200 to the present day. The areas of concentration include diplomatic, political, social, and economic history coupled with a study of cultural and intellectual institutions and their development. Students will develop an understanding of the trends and themes of history through the lens of a Biblical worldview, as well as an ability to analyze historical evidence and express historical understanding in writing. This course is designed not only to prepare students to successfully complete the AP World History Exam, but also to develop the reading comprehension, writing, research, and analytical skills needed at the college level.

Special Notes:

The dual credit honors track includes a deeper focus on critical thinking and analytical skills by providing students with more challenging problems and assignments comparable to what they would see at the university level. These elements will also prepare students to be successful in future upper-level and AP® courses.

The Dual Credit fee for CCU is included in the fee for this course.

Students can earn credit for HIS-185 by completing DC AP World History Modern OR DC AP European History. If both DC courses are taken, only one 3-hour credit will be earned for HIS-185.


Does history repeat itself? The idea of history repeating itself is a question that is often posed and debated amongst scholars today. In AP® World History Modern we become historians by surveying history from the year 1200 until present day. Historical events play a significant role in some of the things that we are experiencing today. Throughout the course we will analyze, critique, discuss, and investigate historical events from ancient and modern World History in order to gain a better understanding of what we can learn from the past in order to impact the present and future.

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.