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Exploring Elementary (EE1)

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    Exploring Elementary (EE1)

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    4 week course

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Exploring Elementary (EE1)


This course is designed to give an elementary student a taste of a course at Northstar. This course is not heavy on graded assignments, but will allow the student to explore content in the four core subject areas of math, science, history and language arts in an integrated way and get a taste of what a course at Northstar would be like. This course is great for a student who is trying Northstar out or for a current student who wants a fun adventure during a break. It is also a great way to add an extension unit for students who want to study a subject in more depth.

Special Notes:

Please click here to sign up for this free four-week elementary sampler course.


Are you interested in the Gold Rush? Well, put on your chaps and cowboy hats and join us on an adventure to study an exciting time in American history. We will explore features of non-fiction text, learn about the chemical makeup of gold and even calculate what a gold strike would be worth today. We will study maps and documents of the time and culminate with a wax museum. You choose your character, do the research about the time period, history behind the character and the setting. Then you will present in character to your classmates through video format. Join us for this short 4 week journey.

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore under the Social Studies section.