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English 4 Honors: British Literature EVP

  • Name:

    English 4 Honors: British Literature EVP (ENGL450e)

  • Department:

    Enriched Virtual

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Prerequisites:

    American Literature (ENGL300) or Equivalent.

    A grade of an 85% or higher in the subject area course taken the previous year.

English 4 Honors: British Literature EVP


Honors British Literature will explore the most enduring works of the western literary canon while offering writing projects that prepare students for English at the university level. Students write focused research papers on the philosophical development of each literary period, as well as persuasive and creative pieces on topics of their own choosing. There is an emphasis on the needs of seniors, with one-on-one coaching provided for writing college application essays, and an emphasis placed on interviews and speeches that can culminate the high school experience. The course aims to meaningfully articulate and synthesize high school memories while preparing students to begin their educational journeys anew.

NOTE for Honors: British Literature Honors (ENGL450) is an enriched version of ENGL400. The supplemental literature and assignments in the Honors course allow students the opportunity to reinforce their learning as they gain a deeper understanding of the material. Students are supported by the teacher and by the lessons themselves as they work through the course. Students in the Honors course can expect an average of 1-2 hours of work each week in addition to the regular course content.

Special Notes:

This course is a part of the honors track, and intentional focus will be on the required knowledge and critical thinking and analytical skills to prepare a student to be successful in future upper level and Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses.

Special Instructions:

*As part of the EVP program, this course will have a live class requirement once a week at a set time; please see the website for time choices. This live class will include teaching, discussion with classmates from around the world, demonstrations, questions and answers, and other aspects of a live classroom. Students will have weekly due dates and stay on a traditional coursework schedule.

Semester 1: August 26 – January 19

Fall Break: November 25 – 29

Christmas Break: December 23 – January 3

Semester 2: January 21 – June 8

Spring Break: April 14 – April 18

Times: Wednesdays 10:00 AM or Wednesdays 1:00 PM US Central Time


Do the images of kings, queens, and historical lands pique your interest? Have you ever wondered how the rich heritage and legacies of eras past influence a culture’s outpouring of literature? What made the people react and think as they do? There is no doubt that the history, the culture, and the rich heritage of the British people are elements that spark interest, invite newcomers, and inspire other cultural literacies. The art of British literature is a tapestry full of tradition, folklore, fantasy tales, and comforting ballads. Its inspiration is marked by the ebb and flow of history and influential eras. Through it, we experience the valleys and the tragedies as the people’s voices revealed the desperation of the time. However, as readers we also explore and recognize the voices of hope that rise in victory even in the hardest times. Join us on this journey of discovery of one of the world’s richest cultures, steeped in tradition and wonder!

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.