Introduction to Game Design

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    Intro to Game Design (CS3)

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    1 (semester course)

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Introduction to Game Design


New course opening January 2020!

We all love to play video games – but have you ever wanted to build your own? During this course you will learn a coding language which will help you transform your ideas into reality!

This transformation is an awesome reflection of God in humanity as in Genesis 1-2, there was nothing, then God spoke, and our wondrous universe came into existence. Similarly, coding is turning ideas into reality through computer language.

Sign up for this elective and learn how to build a game from the ground up. While you will initially be learning a computer language for the purposes of creating a game, there is nothing to stop you from moving beyond this to develop other programs that can help support ministries such as your local church, relief organizations, or even your favorite Christian band.

Special Notes:

The program used for this course requires a stable Internet connection.


I am very excited to be working with you in Intro to Game Design. I have worked with students for several years as they used the Scratch coding program to design games, choose your own adventure stories, animations, and even to program robots. During Intro to Game Design you will begin the process of designing your very own interactive game where you will select the scenery, characters, sounds, movement controls and more. This is an introductory course, so if you have ever thought about creating your own game but were afraid that it would be too intimidating, this is the course for you. There are even extra practice days built into the course if you need some more time to work on a certain aspect of your game. I look forward to seeing you bring your gaming ideas to life!

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Student Feedback

This is a new course; student feedback is currently unavailable. Complete the course and let us know what you think!
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