Journalism: Investigating the Truth

  • Name:

    Journalism: Investigating the Truth (ENGL270v)

  • Department:

    Language Arts

  • Credits:

    0.5 (semester course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Language Arts 9 (ENGL100)

Journalism: Investigating the Truth


In this course students will learn how to interview sources and how to write convincing leads and engaging news stories and features. Students will study the history of journalism, how to succeed in the world of social media news, and how to turn quality writing, photography, and people skills into an exciting and rewarding career in Journalism. Special Note: A stable Internet connection is needed for this class.


In a world full of celebrity scandals, political corruption, and rampant evil, there is a gold mine for journalists in need of a story! However, are those really the only stories out there, and are those really the stories worthy of telling the world?

In this course you will go through the history of Journalism and study its different mediums over the years. From newspapers to social media, you’ll explore the techniques and skills the best (and the worst) journalists use! Along the way, search for ways that God can be glorified in this day and age through the world of journalism and test your new skills in creating your very own newspaper or newscast!

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Student Feedback

I really liked this class. It was a really fun way to take an English class and taught me to be a better writer. This was, by far, my favorite English class ever!

Because of this class, I know how to conduct thoughtful research and carry a proper interview. I understand the requirements and regulations for effective journalism, and this will really help me in determining a prospective major. Whether I chose psychology or journalism as my end goal, it was wonderful to take this class and it has greatly shaped my perspective of the writing career.

The class discussions were one of my favorite parts of the course.

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