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English 1 Honors EVP

  • Name:

    English 1 Honors EVP (ENGL150e)

  • Department:

    Enriched Virtual

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Prerequisites:

    Language Arts 8 (LA8) or Equivalent

    A grade of an 85% or higher in the subject area course taken the previous year.

English 1 Honors EVP


English 1 Honors EVP explores literature and composition through hands-on collaborative learning. As an Honor Student, you will dive deeper into short stories, poetry, nonfiction, novels, and drama to discover universal themes that relate to real-live experiences while practicing critical thinking skills such as analysis and evaluation. Grammar and vocabulary instruction are integrated into the weekly instruction, and are designed to help students’ writing grow in depth and complexity. As part of the EVP program, students will attend one live class (requried) each week that is rooted in discussion and interactive learning. Students will have weekly structured assignments that facilitate a traditional coursework schedule.

Special Notes:

This course is a part of the honors track, and intentional focus will be on the required knowledge and critical thinking and analytical skills to prepare a student to be successful in future upper level and Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses.

Special Instructions:

*As part of the EVP program, this course will have a live class requirement once a week at a set time; please see the website for time choices. This live class will include teaching, discussion with classmates from around the world, demonstrations, questions and answers, and other aspects of a live classroom. Students will have weekly due dates and stay on a traditional coursework schedule.

Semester 1: August 26 – January 19

Fall Break: November 25 – 29

Christmas Break: December 23 – January 3

Semester 2: January 21 – June 8

Spring Break: April 14 – April 18

Times: Tuesdays 9:00 AM or Tuesdays 6:00 PM US Central Time


Do you enjoy the flexibility that online school offers but miss the face-to-face interaction with your teacher and classmates? Then English 1 Honors EVP is the place for you. As part of your coursework, English 1 EVP meets weekly in a live video-conference to discuss literature, practice skills, and play engaging review games. In English 1 Honors-EVP you will dive a little deeper into literature, exploring questions like “What makes a story a great story?” and “What tools does a writer use to produce excellent literature?” You will explore suspenseful short stories, narrative nonfiction, poetry, and a few classic novels. As we read and write together, you are given opportunities to apply your learning from real-world authors while you build your language skills and develop strong friendships along the way!

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.

Student Feedback

It is easy to understand confusing subjects when your teacher and classmates are right there to work with and to answer questions.

The interaction with my fellow students and my teachers is a great experience.

The live session are really fun, and I learn a lot when I can actually see my teacher.