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Middle Grade Coding 2

  • Name:

    Middle Grade Coding 2 (CS5)

  • Department:


  • Semesters:

    1 (semester course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    CS2 Middle Grade Coding

Middle Grade Coding 2


In this part 2 course for Middle Grade Coding, students will apply skills they learned and add layers on to the foundation established in the previous courses. Students will enrich their programming language knowledge and add to their beginning web development skills by exploring Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Through analysis of the difference between web development and web application development, students will build on to their growing portfolio to show their work.


Let’s take the coding skills you learned in the previous course to the next level! You will expand your knowledge of programming languages and web development by further exploring Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Analyze the differences between web development and web application development, while growing your portfolio, which will serve to highlight everything you have learned and created in the course.

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.