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Middle Grade Coding

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    Middle Grade Coding (CS2)

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  • Semesters:

    1 (semester course)

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Middle Grade Coding


In this introduction to Middle Grade Coding course, students will explore the technology they use in their day-to-day lives. Students will begin to hone the skills they need to build their own apps, websites, and games. This course will give students an introduction to the basics of computer science, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. Students will begin to build a portfolio of their work.


Did you know that you use Computer Science and Coding in many different careers? Healthcare Facilities use it ensure privacy for medical records. Weather Forecasters develop code and interpret models that help predict hurricane behaviors. Retail Establishments use code to analyze data, predict trends, and improve inventory management. Steve Jobs said everyone in this country should learn to code because it teaches you how to think. With this interactive program, students will learn the basics of computer programming and how to use computer science themes. The use of computer science themes strengthens the development of ideas and recognizes the continual construction of knowledge by using the following tools: algorithms, data, abstraction, computing practice and programming. Throughout the course, students will develop the skills of a computer scientist through the development of computational thinking practices such as creativity, collaboration, communication, persistence, and problem solving. Can’t wait to start coding with you!

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Student Feedback

Teacher’s feedback was able to clarify instruction well and assist in my learning.

I love coding!

The curriculum was well organized. I never felt as though I was lost with it.