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Physics Honors

  • Name:

    Physics Honors (PHYS450)

  • Department:


  • Semesters:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Prerequisites:

    Algebra I (MATH100/150) and Algebra 2 (MATH300/350).

    Physics is an applied mathematics course. The Algebra 2 pre-requisite for this course is essential. It is highly recommended that students are enrolled in PreCalculus Honors as a pre/co-requisite.

    A grade of an 85% or higher in the subject area course taken the previous year

Physics Honors


Updated for 24-25!

Students in Physics 450 Honors use graphical, quantitative, and qualitative analysis to develop models that describe and predict the behavior of systems in motion. They engage in inquiry labs, compose lab reports and scientific posters, and collaborate with their peers to develop four models of motion. In the first semester, students design and perform two experiments— develop a quantitative model for Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion and determine the coefficient of friction between a hockey puck and ice. Students also employ engineering design to the classic egg drop challenge using two different models of motion— Newton’s Laws of Motion and the Impulse-Momentum theorem. In the second semester, students develop models that describe and predict how energy transfers between systems. They also explain how common pieces of technology apply these models of energy transfer using essays, posters, and presentations. At the end of the year, students are experts in creating multiple representations of motion, lab design, and engineering design. They are also well-versed in listening to their peers’ ideas and helping each other edit and improve upon their depth of understanding in Physics.

NOTE for Honors: Physics Honors (PHYS450) is an enriched version of PHYS400. The supplemental reading and activities in the Honors course allow students the opportunity to reinforce their learning as they gain a deeper understanding of the material. Students are supported by the teacher and by the lessons themselves as they work through the course. Students in the Honors course can expect an average of 1-2 hours of work per week in addition to the regular course content.

Special Notes:

Algebra I (MATH100/150) and Algebra 2 (MATH300/350). Physics is an applied mathematics course. The Algebra 2 pre-requisite for this course is essential. It is highly recommended that students are enrolled in PreCalculus Honors as a pre/co-requisite.

This course is a part of the honors track, and intentional focus will be on the required knowledge and critical thinking and analytical skills to prepare a student to be successful in future upper level and Advanced Placement© (AP©) courses.


What is your curiosity quotient? Have you ever wondered where gravity went when you see astronauts floating around inside of space ships? How about that weird feeling of moving backward when you look outside the car as another car comes in to park? What does riding an elevator have to do with losing or gaining weight? Do you like to tinker with machinery? How do glasses work to improve your eyesight? Can light really act like a particle? Have you been shocked at the door handle after walking across a carpet? How are electrical currents generated? If you have ever asked yourself these kinds of questions, this course is the place for you.

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Student Feedback

Throughout this course I have seen myself grow as a student and one who has learned more about God because of it. This course has taught me so much about Gods amazing creations and how science can be apart of those creations. My performance in this course has been great I feel like. Everyday I am writing notes, studying for something or just taking an interest outside of the course material to learn, how does physics apply to a topic. My favorite part of this course has been Vark assignments, I like these so much because when I started the course, I did terrible on them, but then I learned and was able to master these assignments with no problem. This semester God has taught me its no how fast you can complete the course, its about the process. For me I have learned that understanding the topic is more important than just rushing though a certain chapter test to be done with it. He has taught me lessons to take my time and to be patient.

My favorite unit was Simply Harmonic Motion. I really enjoyed how easy it was. I understood it fairly quick and could do the problems quickly. I have also really enjoyed how well the course points us to God. He has been teaching me that science is just getting to think God’s thoughts after Him, and that has made me really excited while learning physics.

Science has always been my least favorite subject in school. I have never really found it useful, and have enjoyed Math or History more than any science subject. Physics, however, I have enjoyed more than Biology, Chemistry, or other science classes I have taken. I believe that this has spurred me to do better in the class. My average for a science class before physics was about 90%. For Physics, however, I have been able to keep my grade above 95%. This, I believe, is my greatest accomplishment. I liked the Kinematics unit the best, as I liked the math and logic of the section. God has taught me about the logic of His creation and specifically of Himself. The math behind the world I see points to the logical brain behind it. This allows me to worship God better.

I am very glad I took this course. It has helped me learned so much about physic and it has improved my critical thinking skills.