Spanish 4 Honors

  • Name:

    Spanish 4 Honors (SPAN450)

  • Department:


  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Spanish 3 (SPAN301)

Spanish 4 Honors


Available for 22-23!

Command the Spanish language by embarking on an immersive journey through rich traditions and superstitions. By meeting real people and hearing their stories, you will expand your language skills, gain new vocabulary, and better understand your role as a global citizen.


By Spanish IV you have become an effective communicator in Spanish, not only in speaking, but in writing. Now is the time to take these skills even further and think about how you are planning on using them in the future. The skills that you will acquire in this course will equip you to take your language skills into the real world and apply them effectively. Hopefully, you are already in love with the culture and this class is only giving you more skills to be able to use your Spanish more effectively in a real world context, in the workplace and in furthering God’s kingdom. Spanish IV will certainly expand your language skills. However, it will also take you on a fascinating cultural journey. You’ll experience the language’s rich traditions and superstitions. Through exploring the past, you’ll come to understand the importance of community, family, and personal relationships. You will be immersed in culture—movement, art, music, literature. Meeting real people and hearing their stories will allow you to gain new vocabulary, have better command of the language, and understand your role as a global citizen.Sucessful completion of Spanish IV and additional, targetted College Board review and practice will ensure a student is ready for the AP Spanish exam.

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