Student Support

At NorthStar Academy, we have specific accommodations that are inherent to our online program and available to all students.

NSA teachers are open to differentiation with their instruction but are not able to accommodate individual student needs nor provide curricular modifications in NSA courses. As a private institution, NorthStar Academy does not receive federal funding; private schools are not regulated by state government and can set their own standards with regard to curriculum and special education service delivery. NorthStar Academy does provide specific accommodations that are inherent in our online program. Flexible pacing, needed breaks within the school day, personalized course scheduling, and extended time for assessments are all examples of accommodations available to all students who take courses at NorthStar. NorthStar also provides all students with access to a toolbar that can support students as they learn. To learn more about this resource and other accessibility tools, please visit this page.

Should you have any specific questions about how your student’s unique learning needs might be supported at NorthStar, please reach out to our guidance office or principal team by emailing:


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NorthStar Academy (NSA) is a fully accredited online, private, college preparatory Christian school offering students in 4th-12th grades a rigorous and high quality academic program taught by highly qualified, mission-minded, Christian educators in a supportive and encouraging environment.

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