US History Survey

  • Name:

    US History Survey (HIST310)

  • Department:

    Social Studies

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

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US History Survey


This course covers the history of the United States from the beginnings of exploration of North America to the present day through the lens of a Biblical worldview. Emphasis is placed on the United States’ Christian foundation. Students will develop an understanding of key themes in history, and an ability to analyze historical evidence and express historical understanding in writing. This course will use a variety of sources and emphasize reading comprehension, writing, research, and analytical skills.


HIST 310 covers the history of the United States from the beginning of exploration of North America to present day. We will have fun projects, group discussions, and games to practice what we are learning. Emphasis will be placed on the Christian foundation on which the United States was founded. Students will learn about key documents that changed America and still affect us today. Also, students will study the internet and how it has changed America. Join me in learning more about The United States of America.

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Student Feedback

I really liked this class a lot! It is the first time I have actually liked history!

This was my favorite history textbook I have ever had.

My favorite part about this course is the Know It, Show It game. It’s fun, and it reminds me of what I learned and read.

In this course I have really liked the SOAPSTone activities and I have liked learning about the Declaration of Independence. One of the things I haven’t liked is all the reading. I know that it is unrealistic to go through a history course and expect to not read but, I am not a big fan of that much reading.

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