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Business and Consumer Math

  • Name:

    Business and Consumer Math (MATH211)

  • Department:


  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Pre-Algebra (MA8) or equivalent

Business and Consumer Math


In this course, students will engage with real-world financial applications with algebra. Each unit combines a personal finance topic with a pertinent math concept. In each unit, a personal finance topic is paired with a pertinent math concept. Students will analyze and graph functions, including linear and exponential ones. They will also use fractions, percentages, probability, and statistics. These tools help them make mathematically sound decisions in realistic financial situations. By the end of the course, students will understand how to use algebra regarding taxes, budgeting, saving, investing, and insurance.

Special Notes:

This course is not considered a college-prep math course. It is not approved by the NCAA and most colleges as a credit of math.


In this course, you will explore crucial financial concepts through real-life scenarios and practice problems. Throughout this course, you will develop the skills, confidence, and biblical worldview to tackle personal finance challenges. These will include things like earning money, paying taxes, saving and investing, plus major purchases like a car or going to college. Get ready to dive into practical scenarios, solve problems, and make informed decisions. Your financial future starts here, and I can’t wait to have you in class.

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.

Student Feedback

Before this course, I never thought that finances and the Bible could relate. However, I was so wrong! The bible says a lot about money, greed, and contentment as they relate to our financial and spiritual lives.


I have always struggled with math, but business math was one of my favorite classes and I always looked forward to what I would learn in this class. Thank you for making my school year fun!


One of the main things that have stood out to me is the knowledge I’m gaining on real-world math problems. I’m learning how to pay my taxes, buy a car, and own a house. These things are essential to know and I like how this course is giving me tips and tricks on how to deal with these problems.