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Computer Maintenance and Repair

  • Name:

    Computer Maintenance and Repair (ELEC200)

  • Department:

    Computers and Electronics

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Algebra 1 (MATH100); Windows Computer Only

Computer Maintenance and Repair


This class is designed to get the student “inside” a personal computer and understand how it really works, how to maintain it, and how to troubleshoot and repair it. Not only will you learn how to work with the hardware that physically makes up a personal computer, but you will also understand and learn to work with the major operating system software products that control the hardware of the computer. Ultimately you will cover all the material necessary to be prepared to take the nationally recognized CompTIA A+ certification test , the cost for which is not included in the tuition cost for this class.

Special Notes:

LabSim requires a 64-bit operating system, 3GB Ram, and a computer running Microsoft Edge 20+ (Windows 10), MS Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome 31+, or Apple Safari 8+ (Mac).


Technology is everywhere. You’re using it right now. You’re likely wearing or have in your pocket a piece of technology. One of the most common pieces of technology is a computer. Your computer may be a desktop, a laptop, a Chromebook, or an all-in-one. Your computer could have Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or Linux as its operating system. You’ve no doubt, then, experience that moment of “Uh oh, something isn’t working properly.”

Perhaps you’re trying to use that fancy 10-in-1 printer, scanner, fax, copier, duplicator, coffee making printer you picked up on EBay or you’re trying to configure that shiny new 4k HD webcam so you can Skype your teacher in pore-opening clarity. It is more, likely, however, that your computer is running slowly or the monitor won’t turn on.

In this course, students will gain the confidence and experience to diagnose and repair a whole host of issues across a variety of systems. Lessons are video-based and have repeatable practice labs to ensure mastery. Best of all, students are fully prepared for the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

You’re invited. This is your RSVP request to embark on a journey to tackle the wild world of computers and gain the confidence to overcome the Blue Screen of Death. (Not sure what that is? Register today!)

If there are books and materials for this course, they can be purchased from our Online Bookstore.

Student Feedback

The information and videos was very useful.

The teacher was very fast to grade and always provided helpful feedback.

The course was fun and I did not have many questions most of the time because everything was well organized.