Category: Elective Courses

Wisdom Literature

Wisdom Literature Name Wisdom Literature (BIBL220) Department Bible and Worldview Credits 0.5 (semester course) Suggested Prerequisites none Wisdom...

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Culinary Arts 1

Culinary Arts 1 Name Culinary Arts 1 (CLCR301) Department College Preparation and Career Credits 0.5 (semester course) Suggested Prerequisites None Culinary...

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Chinese 3

Chinese 3 Name Chinese 3 (CHIN300v) Department Languages Semesters 2 (yearlong course) Suggested Prerequisites Chinese 2 (CHIN200v) Chinese...

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Forensic Science 2

Forensic Science 2 Name Forensic Science 2 (CLCR270) Department College Preparation & Career Credits 0.5 (semester course) Suggested...

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Spanish 4

Spanish 4 Name Spanish 4 (SPAN401v) Department Languages Credits 1.0 (yearlong course) Suggested Prerequisites Spanish 3 (SPAN301v) Spanish...

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