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Foundations for the Christian Worldview

  • Name:

    Foundations for the Christian Worldview (BIBL300)

  • Department:

    Bible and Worldview

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:


Foundations for the Christian Worldview


(Credit for this course can be applied to the 1.0 credit graduation requirement for worldview studies.)

This one-year course will introduce supporting evidence for the Christian faith. During the first semester, students will develop an understanding of the contours of a worldview including components such as the nature of belief, faith, reason, truth, and the nature of a worldview in light of the Christian perspective. Students will be introduced to the Christian answers for creation vs. the theory of evolution, the existence of God, miracles, and the problem of evil. During the second semester, students will investigate supporting evidence for the reliability of the Bible, the testimony of the Gospels, as well as the historical life and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Special Notes:

Due to the significant reading and writing required in this course, it is suggested for 11th and 12th grade students.


Churches often do a great job teaching what is in the Bible, but they do not always tell how the Bible relates to the challenges of life today. In fact, apologetics is often absent from a Christian’s training. Trusting the Bible for understanding God’s instructions is great; being able to explain why Christians believe the Bible is even better.

Christians need to be able to see how their Christian beliefs impact life and explain their convictions to others around them. This class does not just cover what we believe; it covers why we believe and why those beliefs are so important. If you could pick just one class that is the most needed, this class would be the one. We need to see how the Bible integrates with science, sociology, philosophy, psychology, history, law and so much more. Only when we study the biblical worldview, can we see how and why our beliefs often clash with the values of other worldviews. This class can help give a rock solid starting point for teens getting ready to face the world and its various belief systems.

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Student Feedback

Very well organized! Each week was planned out well!


I found the optional videos and documents provided were extremely helpful!


This course was very insightful and engaging.