Introduction to Theatre

  • Name:

    Introduction to Theatre (THTR101)

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    Fine Arts

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    0.5 (semester course)

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Introduction to Theatre


God gifts everyone with different abilities and it is the goal of this course to help students develop artistic talents through theatrical knowledge and exercises. This course will seek to provide the learner with a general knowledge of theatre history and introduce the learner to basic acting skills. Students will work actively with the instructor on developing skills leading to performance.


What’s that thou sayest? An online theatre course? ‘Tis not possible! And yet…! Introduction to Theatre is an intense semester-long examination of western theatre from the Greeks to contemporary Broadway. For literature nerds we will read or watch two plays (Oedipus Rex and Hamlet), and for those born to perform we’ll have plenty of on-camera time (creating animal characters; copying idiosyncracies from your family members; performing all of theatre history in zany 30-second bursts). Our culminating assignment is the writing, editing, rehearsing, and live performance of an original Biblical monologue—something you might share as part of a worship service, or at a school or club meeting—it’s up to you. By the end of the class I hope you’ll have a new love for the rich history of this art form, and a new awareness of the ways that your body can be used to express and to bless. See you on the stage, O dramatic ones!

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Student Feedback

The class is AMAZING and Mrs. Foster did a wonderful job designing it, and if you do it as intended, I can say you will love it. The highlights of the course were, writing my own monologue, learning about the different styles of theatre that happened over the years, listening to the Crucible, being able to do two theatre-related projects that I wanted to do and doing fun acting assignments (like being a human while taking on animal characteristics.) These are the things about the theatre class that make it so enjoyable. I also learned a lot about the history of the great art that is Theatre.


This class is quite wide in its scope. It covers theater terminology, history, and performance all in the same semester. What’s more it challenges you to be creative. Rather than just saying, “Alright, here’s what you need to perform. Send me the video later.” This class actively challenges you to think of what to perform. The two biggest examples of this are the theater history performance project and the final monologue. For both of these, you must write the script yourself. Also, if you feel like somehow you didn’t learn something about theater you wanted to, the two choice projects provide you with a chance to fill in that knowledge pothole.

During this class, I made a particularly well received edutainment video. I intend to make more videos of that kind in the future. Furthermore, in writing the scripts for my performances, I got practice writing dialogue, as well as monologue. I fully intend to put this to good use as I pursue a career as a writer.


Thank you so much for creating such a challenging and engaging Intro to Theater class. This class has been one of the best classes our family has taken with Northstar.

NSA Parent
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