Old Testament Survey

  • Name:

    Old Testament Survey (BIBL120)

  • Department:

    Bible and Worldview

  • Credits:

    0.5 (semester course)

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Old Testament Survey


This course will differ from your average Sunday School class that teaches about the heroes of the Old Testament. Students will see that God is the hero of the Old Testament, always there to redeem and keep His covenants when man sins and forsakes God. During this exploration, students will grow in their knowledge of important events, people, places, and themes within these Old Testament books. From creation to Christ, students will study how God interacted in history, how God interacted through His prophets, and how God prepared the way for the coming of His Son, Jesus Christ.


Have you ever been talking to a friend who keeps referring to a book they love? Did it make you want to read it? Jesus, Paul, and the disciples often talked about the Old Testament in their sermons; that alone should make us want to study its contents. The Old Testament is the key to understanding the New Testament; for example, the imagery and metaphors of Revelation come from the Old Testament. This class will take you on an historical journey through the Old Testament from creation to Christ. We will see how God interacts in history, how He used the prophets, and how He prepared the way for the coming of His Son, Jesus Christ. Join us as we dive in to the Old Testament together.

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Student Feedback

The weekly plans are really helpful and set up great.


The course provided enough resources to help on assessment materials such as assignments and quizzes.


It was really interesting to see what people think differently from me.

Si Won

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