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Theology in Real Life

  • Name:

    Theology in Real Life (BIBL200)

  • Department:

    Bible and Worldview

  • Credits:

    1.0 (yearlong course)

  • Suggested Prerequisites:

    Recommended for 10th grade or later.

Theology in Real Life


This is a one-year course that introduces fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith in a topical, or systematic, format. Students engage with the Bible as the foundation of belief. From that, students develop an understanding of essential doctrines of the faith. Students are challenged to see the overarching themes found across Scripture. Units include the Bible, the nature and attributes of God, creation and humanity, the nature and work of Jesus, redemption and its application, the church, doctrines concerning the future, and practical application of doctrine to real life. The course aims to see students understand the doctrines of the Bible and connect how they apply to everyday life.


When we study the Bible, we have several goals. First, we want to clearly understand what it says and correctly understand what it means. Next, we want to take that understanding and apply it to real life. This class aims to help students do that. There are several methods to study the Bible. You can study specific sections, like books or chapters. You can look at it chronologically, seeing the events unfold over time. This class looks at the Bible topically, or systematically. We will look at specific topics such as the nature of God, or the work of Jesus, or redemption. This course will try to summarize what the whole Bible teaches on each topic. But we do not stop there. After that, we will ponder how these truths affect our lives each day. We will take foundational Christian beliefs, and apply them to daily life. The goal is not just to learn more about the Bible, but to see how those truths affect our lives.

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Student Feedback

Good course. I learned a lot.

It was interesting reading other students thoughts on the same subject!

I think this course is the best one I had!