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As the new year starts, people all over the world are making strides towards their new year’s resolutions. While resolutions may not be for everyone, we can all agree that the new year brings hope for what is to come and a refreshing mindset to look ahead. This outlook then begs the question, how can we look forward without understanding where we have been or the strides that got us here. 

Being able to track your habits can be such a valuable tool as it helps you build self awareness helps build discernment and wisdom while also prompts you to frame your goals into manageable, approachable ways. 

Consider these factors to track your habits in 2023: 

  1. You are more likely to achieve your big goals by breaking them down into small habits.
  2. You will feel more accomplished and be able to measure your progress.
  3. You will be able to identify which habits you struggle to be consistent with.
  4. You will be able to better identify and prioritize what matters.
  5. We as people are forgetful by nature. It’s easy to forget what our priorities are or see growth without being able to tangibly see it. 

Big Idea: Building a system that can support your habit makes meeting your goals realistic. This is the part of goal setting that a lot of people miss. They write down a goal for their habits in their new calendar or journal and think that they just have to do the thing they wrote down, end of the story. Then they fail. Building a support system is a key step in preparing yourself for success when building a new habit. 

It’s our hope that our downloadable habit tracker will help you navigate your goals from week to week. Be sure to take time to reflect and evaluate your efforts at the end of each week and then make adjustments moving forward. We also created a space for you to set specific goals to stay on track and even practice scripture memorization throughout the week. 

In addition to our free habit tracker, we also challenge you to download our free monthly prayer tracker. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when we go before the Lord to pray. This document provides an opportunity to structure your time with him as you grow deeper in your prayer life. How often do we forget the trials the Lord carried us through, the challenges we overcome, and the lessons we have learned if we don’t share our stories in which the Lord moves on our behalf? This resource can also serve as a reminder and evidence of God’s faithfulness as you document and reflect on your prayers, answered and those He is still working out.